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A Word About Repairs

A word about repair

When holes are made in a roof to make room for new equipment the traditional mastics and materials used to repair these holes are low quality temporary fixes. This leads many manufacturers to void their warranties. With CB Systems we use the same materials that we used when we installed the original system. More importantly, we apply additional materials. This not only makes the repairs strong and permanent it enables us to renew our warranties forever.

Rubberized Colloidal Bitumen

Rubberized Colloidal Bitumen

For years, 'hot asphalt' was the mainstay of the roofing industry. In its original state asphalt is an extremely effective waterproofing material. However, when you heat asphalt to 425 degrees you alter its properties. To avoid this chemists and engineers developed Colloidal Bitumen. Colloidal Bitumen is pure asphalt that's milled into microscopic particles approximately 8 microns in diameter (a micron is a millionth of a meter). The asphalt is then encased and surrounded with Bentonite clay and 'colloidilly' suspended in a water-based emulsion. This simple act of milling and encasing pure asphalt with Bentonite clay preserves its suppleness, differentiates it from 'hot asphalt', and makes it impervious to standing water. Colloidal Bitumen has proven itself to be one of the most effective flat roof waterproofing materials for over sixty years. By incorporating highly flexible State-of-the-Art additives into the Colloidal Bitumen we've converted it into Rubberized Colloidal Bitumen. This enables the membrane to expand and contract to counter the continual shifting of flat roof substructures. The end result is the only roofing system in the world capable of restructuring and reshaping itself whenever its sub-structure shifts and moves.