CB Systems Benefits


The financial savings are significant.

  • The upfront cost is one of the lowest in the industry
  • The ongoing costs are far less than traditional roofing
  • After forty years the system still only requires servicing

Initial costs are written off – not amortized.

  • The system is classified as a maintenance treatment, not a capital improvement
  • Thus, the total cost is written off immediately
  • Resulting in decreased taxes and increased cash flow

There's no reason to remove your existing roof.

  • Roofing systems require a base sheet and base sheets cost money
  • So we leave your existing roof on and use it as our base sheet
  • This not only saves you money, it prevents disruptions to your business

You can add and remove equipment at any time.

  • Whether you cut new holes into the roof to add equipment
  • Or modify existing penetrations to replace equipment
  • The Restructuring System is always repaired flawlessly

CB IX Systems are virtually indestructible.

  • Whenever the system experiences stress and strain in any section
  • It simply restructures and reshapes itself in that section
  • Making fractures and failures anywhere in the roof a thing of the past

CB Systems are backed with iron-clad warranties.

  • The warranties cover both labor and materials
  • The warranties have no exlusions and no exceptions
  • The warranties are transferrable to new owners
  • And they're transferrable forever

In summary – CB Systems

  • Are the most cost-effective roofing systems in the industry
  • They're the most watertight roofing systems in the industry
  • They're virtually indestructible
  • And they're backed with the best warranties and service in the industry
  • In short, CB Systems are the future of roofing!