CB Systems Company Profile

CB Systems Development

In the 1990's, Barry Eldridge, the founder of CB Systems, grew tired of waiting for the roofing industry to design a system that could stand up to the destructive forces of ponding water and the shifting movement of the penetrations and wall joints that breach and fracture traditional roofing materials.

As both an engineer and contractor he knew there were specialized materials that could easily overcome these issues. So he incorporated them into systems that were not only impervious to ponding water, they restructured and reshaped themselves every time they experienced penetration and wall joint movement.

Since then, CB Systems has installed over 15,000,000 sq ft of these State-of-the-Art systems. More importantly, we've achieved a Client Satisfaction Rating of 97%, the highest rating ever in the roofing industry.

But That Wasn't Good Enough For Us

We knew our systems could be made stronger and better by incorporating these specialized 'Restructuring Materials' into the entire roofing system rather than limiting their use to the wall joints and penetrations. The problem was: the materials were so expensive the only way we could lower their cost and make them affordable was to become manufacturers. So we did!

This Monumental Step Has Set A New Standard In The Roofing Industry

By manufacturing our own materials and eliminating the profits of the middlemen, plus forgoing our own manufacturing profits, we've lowered our material costs by an amazing two-thirds. And, we passed these savings directly on to our customers.

The end result is a virtually indestructible roofing system that enables both owners and tenants to enjoy a leak free, worry free environment forever–And Save Money Doing It!