CB Systems Roof Systems



Traditional roofing systems are comprised of uniform materials throughout resulting in low-quality, low-cost systems; medium-quality, medium-cost systems; and high-quality, high-cost systems. To construct a high-quality, low-cost system a wide variety of materials must be used; they must be used in the right way; and they must be used prudently. In other words, only by applying the right materials in the right manner is it possible to construct a high-quality, low-cost system. Exactly what we do in reconditioning.


Because a wide variety of materials are required, a wide variety of equipment is also required, and not just any equipment. For example, even though Sprayed Polyurethane Foam is only used to fill in low spots and reinforce weak areas, we use the same high-end equipment that all Sprayed Polyurethane Foam companies use, equipment that costs over $100,000 per truck. In addition, our emulsion trucks that house transfer pumps, moyno pumps, air compressors, and spray guns cost over $100,000 each. In short, reconditioning requires a major investment in equipment.


Many large roofing companies sub contract their work to independent roofing crews. We don't. All of our crews work directly for our company. Supervisors have a minimum of ten years with our company and the retention rate for employees is over 90%. Many of our clients state they have never seen more professional and dedicated crews. Needless to say, we are extremely proud of all of them.